Another World for Gamers – GTA 5

Tommy Vercetti, the name reminds us of GTA Vice City. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the best games ever. The first part came in 1997 in 2D universe but now in 2012 it is a high definition strategy game. GTA 5 is going to be the biggest hits because of the graphics and missions they are offering. It is going to be among the top games of the year. GTA 5 has the biggest world Rockstar ever made. The game gives emphasis on exciting missions that require lot of planning and tactics. It has also given equal focus on multiplayer gaming.

Similar to other GTAs this part also revolves around money but unlike GTA 4, here developers have given us enough space to spend the money. Also, the game works around 3 players out of which you can choose the one you like. Every mission does not have the option of changing character. The essence of basic GTA is maintained in this version only. Game’s high definition graphics and bigger world has made it more interesting for game lover. Developers have designed the game keeping your interest and fun at its epitome.

So, get ready to challenge the missions with excitement and power for GTA 5 and do not miss to share your experience..!!