Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Train your Brain

Everyone likes to be smarter in life and the best practice is to train the mind. There are various ways through which you can do this, but finding an easiest way is always the best option. Try few of these tips and you will find the change in you.

Watch specific TV shows: Try to watch television not only to have leisure time but also to learn something new. A good television show can help you gain you enough knowledge that will help you to have logical and smart opinions. For example: Instead of switching to music channel, Bloomberg could be a good option. Try watching news channels and opinion based episodes.

Play video games: Every game cannot clear the level of knowledge based gaming but there are some that are especially designed to make your brain more responsive. As an example you can play Sudoku or Dr. Kawashima’s More Brain Training.

Social Networking: It has been found under a study that human brains become more responsive while accessing social networking websites. Social networking boosts synaptic activities.

Ride a motorcycle:  A study has found that men who ride motorcycles can train their brains. Their minds showed improved cognitive functioning. Also, it has been found that they remain happy even after committing mistakes as well.

Listen to Music:
Music is the best therapy in the world. It soothes your mind and makes you more productive as it gives you an option to revive your senses and come back with a bang.

Let Not the Time Pass Without you Noticing

Self help is the best help that can be the leading procedure for any student to lead a glorious career for your kid. It’s not only about books in the end, it is also about how to manage your recreation, your interests, your hobbies, your passion and still keep the passion and interest in their studies. Children has to be explained how exactly they can manage their time so that it becomes easy for them to concentrate on their studies as high-school is the building block for them to a career well versed. So how exactly do you learn successful time management? Awareness is the right answer involved. In our G.D.Goenka World school we teach our student and make them aware of how exactly they can successfully manage their time.
There are some of pointers that you can follow to be able to manage your time.

- Goal or target setting
- Action planning
- Prioritizing
- Focus
- Urgency
- Organization

You can identify objectives and key tasks which are most relevant to achieving them sorting out what the supervisor must do, from what he could do, and from what he would like to do. Urgent is not always as important. There is also a phase of planning and control. Schedules should be regularly checked for disruption by the unexpected. Priorities will indicate which areas may have to be set aside for more urgent times.

Taking all of this point in consideration a high-school student can actually focus on how well he can manage time and better his career with our help.

Truths That You Should Know

What is important today is not the same tomorrow:

If you are going through tough time then relax and try to take out the best solution to jump off it. Everything in this world comes with an expiry date. You cannot carry the problem for longer time it will end is some time.

Nobody thinks like you do for yourself:

Most of us are scared of the crowd but the truth is crowd is not at all observing you. In this world everyone is saturated to their areas. Hence, from now if you are going out to do something crazy or wacky, go for it because no one bothers what you are doing. Enjoy the life the way you want to not what they wish.

The truth:

It is an important part of life, as taught to us most of the times but telling truth all the times might drag you to a problem. If you really wish to be nice to people say the truth but tailor it as per your convenience. Now, you are not lying rather you are just making it digestible for people.

Perception of life:

You must have heard people saying ‘life is a mess’ and after few days they say it is happy again. But does life really change? The answer is no, the life remains the same but the perception changes. Accepting things around us might be hard but the early you do the faster you get happy.

Wrong or right:

Try to accept one thing that you cannot be right always. So being wrong is absolutely fine, stay calm if you are proved wrong in the classroom. Here you can improve your knowledge and again come with a bang.

Art of Persuasion

We all have basic knowledge of indirectly forcing people to do what we want. Some use begging, some play cleverly and some use emotional touch but persuading others is our every day task. If you have anything that you want someone to do for you then these tips will help you to persuade people:

Start on their behalf: Before you start any of the conversation try to accomplish the works started by them. Help them in their work and then try to reveal your intentions slowly.

‘Imagine’ is the magic word: Start the conversation with this magical word. It will take them to a virtual world as it paints the vivid picture of thoughts. For a time being you can decorate the path as you want.

Stress on losses: Human minds are more responsive while losing something than gaining. Therefore, while sharing your idea try to focus on loses the person will suffer if not followed your thought. It is going to be the best way to persuade others.

Be the first to give: If you are at a place where you can order something then do it for them. It is a kind of gift that will help you gain points of trust. After this, you can share your ideas. It will make them think over your thoughts again.

Make them laugh: Adding fun element is always a good option to persuade. Do  not sound dull, if you are able to make someone happy then the chances of accepting your thoughts is going to increase.

Stay Healthy Stay Fit

It is well said that ‘health is wealth’. One should always focus on health to succeed as well. It is because with a healthy life one can struggle to achieve goals. It gives strength to fight and also to succeed.

Exercise 30 minutes: If your daily routine does not involve much of physical movement then it is important to take out a minimum of 30 minutes to have healthy physique.

Don’t skip your breakfast: It is important for everyone to have breakfast. But most of us have habit of skipping it. It is the most crucial meal of the day as it gives enough energy that is required for energetic day.

Sleep 8 hours: Sleeping is important to rest the brain, body and senses. One may think that productivity can be increased by sleeping less. But actually it increases stress and tiredness. 8 hours sleep gives enough time to mind to take rest and get enthusiastically back to work.

5 portions of fruits and vegetables: Everyday body demands nutrients from vegetables and fruits. If we consume its 5 portions on daily basis it starts contributing to healthy association.

Avoid snacking: Most of us are in a habit of having snacks during meals. It is the main reason why body gains fat. So, next time when you feel hungry prefer eating some concrete food instead of munching the junk food.