Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Worldclass Infrastructure

GDGWS has been highly ranked in the Education World G Fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010...

Lift your Mood in 5 minutes

When low in mood and energy, what do you do? Most of us look for isolation. But the question rises can it uplift your mood again? And the answer is ‘NO’. We all need a mental diversion to get back in action. There are certain things doing which can divert your though process and can make you energetic again.

Write: If you are shy or you don’t want to talk to anyone then writing is the best practice. Through this you can reveal all that you have stored in you. Who knows that tomorrow you become an author, selling your own stories…

Music: The best thing that can take you off any negativity is music. Best gift from god. Indulge yourself in it and get energized again. It will make you fresh and happy once more.

Consume Sunrays: Scientifically it is proved that absorbing sun gives your body enough Vitamin D which can make you happy as it helps body to release serotonin (happy hormones).

Touch your toes: It is the best exercise when in bad mood because when you touch your toes for at least a minute, you tend to relax your hip joints. It is the place where all the tension is stored.

Extract the good: think of the good things of life, recollecting good memories will help your mind to think in a different yet jolly way. It will refill your mood with fun.

Stay Healthy Stay Fit

It is well said that ‘health is wealth’. One should always focus on health to succeed as well. It is because with a healthy life one can struggle to achieve goals. It gives strength to fight and also to succeed.

Exercise 30 minutes: If your daily routine does not involve much of physical movement then it is important to take out a minimum of 30 minutes to have healthy physique.

Don’t skip your breakfast: It is important for everyone to have breakfast. But most of us have habit of skipping it. It is the most crucial meal of the day as it gives enough energy that is required for energetic day.

Sleep 8 hours: Sleeping is important to rest the brain, body and senses. One may think that productivity can be increased by sleeping less. But actually it increases stress and tiredness. 8 hours sleep gives enough time to mind to take rest and get enthusiastically back to work.

5 portions of fruits and vegetables: Everyday body demands nutrients from vegetables and fruits. If we consume its 5 portions on daily basis it starts contributing to healthy association.

Avoid snacking: Most of us are in a habit of having snacks during meals. It is the main reason why body gains fat. So, next time when you feel hungry prefer eating some concrete food instead of munching the junk food.

Another World for Gamers – GTA 5

Tommy Vercetti, the name reminds us of GTA Vice City. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the best games ever. The first part came in 1997 in 2D universe but now in 2012 it is a high definition strategy game. GTA 5 is going to be the biggest hits because of the graphics and missions they are offering. It is going to be among the top games of the year. GTA 5 has the biggest world Rockstar ever made. The game gives emphasis on exciting missions that require lot of planning and tactics. It has also given equal focus on multiplayer gaming.

Similar to other GTAs this part also revolves around money but unlike GTA 4, here developers have given us enough space to spend the money. Also, the game works around 3 players out of which you can choose the one you like. Every mission does not have the option of changing character. The essence of basic GTA is maintained in this version only. Game’s high definition graphics and bigger world has made it more interesting for game lover. Developers have designed the game keeping your interest and fun at its epitome.

So, get ready to challenge the missions with excitement and power for GTA 5 and do not miss to share your experience..!!

Rules of Life

As we grow up in life we need to follow certain things that can help us succeed. But for a principled person it becomes easy to face even the toughest situations. Here are certain rules that one should follow for the whole life.

No one is perfect: You should realize that one is perfect in life. Everyone make mistakes. The soon you realize the fastest benefit you will get.

Avoid over-explaining: You should never get into explaining yourself beyond required. Just believe in what you are and be responsible for what you do.

Keep balance: Balancing is the soul of every successful thing in this world. If you learn to balance thing in your life you can become a matured person.

Remain a student: Being a student throughout your life can help you learn a lot of things. Keep accepting things that come to you and start learning from them.

No excuses: It true that excuses are given by losers. Quit finding excuses, rather become an action taker and change things to fall in your favor.

Do your homework: If you perform your tasks then the fear of losing can be over ruled. It helps in preparing you mentally.

Accept challenges: If you really want to be a tough person who can handle even the toughest problems with an ease then never be afraid of challenges.

Discover you: It is indeed an important task. If you discover yourself, your aims, your passions, your strengths, etc. then your life is going to be more easy because you can have a purpose of life and you know how to achieve.

Make your Kid a Mathematics Champion

Have you ever noticed that your kids tend to forget about 2-3 months of mathematics during interim breaks?  They might read books, take exciting trips, build models, write stories, or visit museums. But they aren’t very likely to stretch their mathematical muscles. Daily life doesn’t require young children to count by twos or threes. It doesn’t present the average vacationer with opportunities to practice time tables or solve problems using long division. So kids don’t think about math and they forget what they’ve learned.
There are certain kinds of math skills that need to be practiced with pencil and paper. But if you think we can do a lot to integrate math facts and skills during interim breaks – sneaky things that make math practice fun and interesting. Here are some of our ideas.

1. Show kids how to use rhythm and music to memorize math facts.
Remember the cheer “Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?” Chants, raps, and songs can help kids commit math facts to long-term memory, and they’re easily incorporated into long car trips or walks to the park.

2. Present kids with math problems – not procedural drills.
We’ve seen problem-solving defined as “what you do when you don’t know what to do.” If you know exactly what procedure to perform to get an answer, it’s not problem-solving. Examples? “How can you make 42 cents with 5 coins?” , “I’m thinking of two numbers. They add to 7. When I subtract one number from the other, I get 3. What are the numbers?”

3. Take time to find out if kids really understand mathematical concepts.
Perhaps the biggest reason why people flounder at math is that they’ve missed some fundamental concept along the way. At the very beginning, for instance, kids may fail to really appreciate “how much” a number represents. They lack an intuitive feeling that tells them 47 are much greater than 16.

4. Introduce freestyle mathematical play.
Invest in a good book of mathematical games and activities.

5. Use computer games wisely.
There are some excellent computer math games and software programs out there. Make them play it.
But keep in mind, kids will need your guidance to make sense of these games. And electronic games can have shortcomings. Some permit kids to progress through the game without any understanding of the concepts.

Make your Children Multicultural !!

Culture refers to the "traditions, rituals, beliefs, and values that are shared amongst a group of people."  Each person is a part of at least one culture.  Some families participate in several cultures. Multiculturalism refers to the "sharing of many cultures." G.D.Goenka World Schools gives your child a multi culture exposure so that it becomes beneficiary for your child’s career.

The first goal of a multicultural program is to assist children with recognizing differences, as well as similarities, among all people. Allowing children to explore varying cultures creates opportunities for them to see that even when people have different customs and traditions, they often share some common traits, too. The second goal of a multicultural program is to encourage cooperative social skills. As children learn to accept differences and similarities among people, they can work and get along with others better. They begin to see other's viewpoints and individuality. The multicultural classroom assists children from minority cultures in developing cooperation and social skills in a setting that may be unfamiliar to them. Their self-esteem is boosted as they are recognized and accepted for their individuality. They feel good about themselves as other children recognize the worth of their traditions and customs. The early childhood program that is culturally sensitive will build the self-confidence of its children by integrating the cultures of all the children into learning experiences.

This actually strengthens your child’s future and makes him open to interaction.

English Week at GD Goenka World School

The English week was observed from 12th to 14th of September, 2012with active participation by the IGCSE and IB students. The Inter-house competition on Wednesday displayed Scintillating Soliloquies and Magnetic Monologues by students who delivered their presentation with passion and enthusiasm. It was Cycas house which ruled over the rest followed by Nyssa house.

The vibrant Inter-house competition was followed by an equally forceful IGCSE Assembly. The audience was regaled by the “Turncoat “, a very exciting battle of wits in which the participants exhibited their debating skills. This was followed by “Reading Rocket” which was a novel contest which required skills of good pronunciation, punctuations and expression. The Assembly ended with a short enactment of a Scene from Merchant of Venice. It was an enthralling beginning of the English week.

The final program of the English Week, was ‘International Book Awards’. The main focus was on three awards: the Booker Prize, the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize and the Pulitzer Award. The students of grade 12—namely, ApoorvaJalan, Calvin Paperwala, Utkarsh Jain and Dhruv Tikekar—under the supervision of Mrs. JyotiAhuja, put together a spectacular presentation of the awards, with Apoorva as the compere for the show and Utkarsh, Calvin and Dhruv enacting scenes from books that had won at least one of these awards. While Utkarsh chose to give the author’s perspective of issues that had been addressed in the book ‘The White Tiger’,by Aravind Adiga, Calvin and Dhruv chose to enact scenes from the novels, ‘The Sisters Brothers’, by Patrick Dewitt and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, by Harper Lee, respectively.

6th Inter House Swimming Competition - 2012

This year’s swim meet was an absolutely exhilarating event, with new students showing that our school has a knack for breeding talent as they challenged the previously dominating swimmers. The PYP, MSP and senior school events were all special in their own right as the primary children hoped to get their first exposure to a swimming competition, the Middle School kids expected to gain experience to challenge the seniors in the coming years and the senior students aiming to break last year’s records.

The final, tabulated results of the competition are below:
First - CEDRUS (210)
Second - CYCAS (205)
Third -  SORBUS (166)
Fourth – NYSSA (159)

Aryavrat Gupta, Aanika Sharma, Aman Jangira, Haruka, Saumya Chadha and Tanvi emerged as the best swimmers for the PYP, MSP and IGCSE & IBDP sections respectively. All in all, the Inter-house Swimming Meet of 2012 was extremely successful due to spectacular swimming ability of the Goenkans.

G.D Goenka School Provides Ideal Growth for a Child

The ideal growth of a child requires that the child is brought up under strict and loving measures at the same time. They should be brought up in a healthy and friendly environment. You as a parent will want that your child remains safe and excel in everything he does. We at G.D.Goenka World school provide the best facilities and properly handle children so that they can positively influence. It is imperative to state that it is through the great care of us that the children receive their learning abilities. One of the best practices to assess in our institute where you will leave your child is that we have the best childcare structure that will be suitable to your child.  It is through the set up structures that we are able to relate well with your child. These will enhance their learning abilities giving the opportunity to grow up into balanced and healthy children.

We indulge in suitable child practices that are stated by any development pediatrician. The child grows, learn aspects about life and generally develop. The proper routine activities undertaken by the children in our school ensure that they fully engage with activities as this boosts their social confidence rates. Through this, they have the confidence to seek clarification, relate with other people and learn different things about life. We provide vital group dynamic that your child will be placed in has to be assessed and found suitable with their personality. We make sure that the learning abilities of the children grow and they develop themselves for the real world.

G.D. Goenka World School Starts Interact Club

On the 6th of September 2012, the members of G.D. Goenka World School’s Interact Club, which has been recently started attended their first District Interact Leadership Assembly (DILA) at Apeejay School Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi. The crowd at the Apeejay School’s auditorium came alive when the Chief Guest, Mrs. Kiran Bedi came up to the dais to speak. She captivated the audience with extremely inspirational words. According to Mrs. Bedi, “Motivation, Persistence and Perseverance” are the distinct traits of determined, dedicated individuals who can make things happen. She interacted with an audience of about 1300 students present at the assembly and exchanged ideas on youth awareness and personality development.

The function started by pinning of badges by various Rotarians. This was followed by a series of performances by the students of Apeejay School who first of all elaborated upon the past, present and future activities of the Interact Club through short reports and then performed a cultural item.
At the assembly, the District Governor, Mr Ramesh Aggarwal spoke about his experience. In the brief training sessions that followed for the young interactors from various schools, senior Rotarians guided the interactors on how to organize various projects, hold meetings and utilize the handbook of the Rotary International about the various activities and projects.

The assembly was a wonderful experience as it enabled all of us to meet and to know Interactors from other schools and share views and ideas on various topics.

It was indeed an honor to be a part of such a wonderful function among various dignitaries and well-wishers.

The following students attended the assembly - Zuber Singh, Paurush Bali, Aditya Khanna, Sana Khanijo, Sakshi Bhargava, Ksheerja Batra, Yash Gupta and Zaigham Hameed Butt. They were accompanied by Miss Sona Bindra -the teacher-in-charge.

IB-DPC Networking Meeting at GDGWS

The IB-DPC Networking meeting held on August 24,2014 at GDGWS. 12 Diploma Programme Coordinators from IB Schools from North India, The Doon School, Dehradoon, GDGWS, Sohna, Sela Qui International School, Dehradoon, Lancer’s International School, Gurgaon, attended this meeting. Agenda included IB-CC Global Engage and various other issues were discussed.

It was decided after discussion that the IB schools from Northen India will have a joint project on Global diseases and Literacy. At the culmination of the meeting, all co-ordinators escorted by DPC from GDGWS, Ms Sapna Yadav met the Head Of School, Mrs Neeta Bali, for a brief feedback.

To follow this up, there will be another meeting will be at The Pathways School , Gurgaon in October 2012.

IT Week at GD Goenka World School

“The pace of change brought about by new technologies has had a significant effect on the way people live, work, and play worldwide.” With this idea in mind the IT Week was scheduled from 27th Aug’12 to 31st Aug’12. The main focus of the assembly was to introduce students to the working of Information Technology in their everyday lives.

The week began with the middle school assembly on the first two days. On 27th August, 2012 students of Grade- VIII presented a PowerPoint presentation on the topic “Computer Ethics”and on 28thAugust, 2012 students of Grade-VI delivered a presentation on the topic “Internetis a Boon or a Bane”.The third day brought a lot of excitement when a workshop on Cyber Crime was taken by the HOD (IT) Ms Monica Bahl for students of middle school and IGCSE during the house meeting periods.

The students of IGCSE students made everyone aware of the way technology is being used in G.D. Goenka World School by first studying the workings of the nerve centre and its controls for a week and then presenting it in the form of an informative assembly on 30th August 2012.These days social networking has become a part of life for teenagers who sometimes don’t think what they post by sending messages to each other via various social networking sites. Based on this issue a video was shown to students called “THINK BEFORE THEY POST” during the IB assembly. This came as an eye opener to all and was appreciated too.

All the presentations and the workshop gave a food for thought for students and faculty to think, analyze and discuss the advantages of the use of technology in our everyday lives .The students were also able to understand and appreciate the fact that the use of technology brings benefits and equal responsibility for us to handle and use it for the right purposes and create value in society..