Lift your Mood in 5 minutes

When low in mood and energy, what do you do? Most of us look for isolation. But the question rises can it uplift your mood again? And the answer is ‘NO’. We all need a mental diversion to get back in action. There are certain things doing which can divert your though process and can make you energetic again.

Write: If you are shy or you don’t want to talk to anyone then writing is the best practice. Through this you can reveal all that you have stored in you. Who knows that tomorrow you become an author, selling your own stories…

Music: The best thing that can take you off any negativity is music. Best gift from god. Indulge yourself in it and get energized again. It will make you fresh and happy once more.

Consume Sunrays: Scientifically it is proved that absorbing sun gives your body enough Vitamin D which can make you happy as it helps body to release serotonin (happy hormones).

Touch your toes: It is the best exercise when in bad mood because when you touch your toes for at least a minute, you tend to relax your hip joints. It is the place where all the tension is stored.

Extract the good: think of the good things of life, recollecting good memories will help your mind to think in a different yet jolly way. It will refill your mood with fun.