Make your Children Multicultural !!

Culture refers to the "traditions, rituals, beliefs, and values that are shared amongst a group of people."  Each person is a part of at least one culture.  Some families participate in several cultures. Multiculturalism refers to the "sharing of many cultures." G.D.Goenka World Schools gives your child a multi culture exposure so that it becomes beneficiary for your child’s career.

The first goal of a multicultural program is to assist children with recognizing differences, as well as similarities, among all people. Allowing children to explore varying cultures creates opportunities for them to see that even when people have different customs and traditions, they often share some common traits, too. The second goal of a multicultural program is to encourage cooperative social skills. As children learn to accept differences and similarities among people, they can work and get along with others better. They begin to see other's viewpoints and individuality. The multicultural classroom assists children from minority cultures in developing cooperation and social skills in a setting that may be unfamiliar to them. Their self-esteem is boosted as they are recognized and accepted for their individuality. They feel good about themselves as other children recognize the worth of their traditions and customs. The early childhood program that is culturally sensitive will build the self-confidence of its children by integrating the cultures of all the children into learning experiences.

This actually strengthens your child’s future and makes him open to interaction.