Stay Healthy Stay Fit

It is well said that ‘health is wealth’. One should always focus on health to succeed as well. It is because with a healthy life one can struggle to achieve goals. It gives strength to fight and also to succeed.

Exercise 30 minutes: If your daily routine does not involve much of physical movement then it is important to take out a minimum of 30 minutes to have healthy physique.

Don’t skip your breakfast: It is important for everyone to have breakfast. But most of us have habit of skipping it. It is the most crucial meal of the day as it gives enough energy that is required for energetic day.

Sleep 8 hours: Sleeping is important to rest the brain, body and senses. One may think that productivity can be increased by sleeping less. But actually it increases stress and tiredness. 8 hours sleep gives enough time to mind to take rest and get enthusiastically back to work.

5 portions of fruits and vegetables: Everyday body demands nutrients from vegetables and fruits. If we consume its 5 portions on daily basis it starts contributing to healthy association.

Avoid snacking: Most of us are in a habit of having snacks during meals. It is the main reason why body gains fat. So, next time when you feel hungry prefer eating some concrete food instead of munching the junk food.