Art of Persuasion

We all have basic knowledge of indirectly forcing people to do what we want. Some use begging, some play cleverly and some use emotional touch but persuading others is our every day task. If you have anything that you want someone to do for you then these tips will help you to persuade people:

Start on their behalf: Before you start any of the conversation try to accomplish the works started by them. Help them in their work and then try to reveal your intentions slowly.

‘Imagine’ is the magic word: Start the conversation with this magical word. It will take them to a virtual world as it paints the vivid picture of thoughts. For a time being you can decorate the path as you want.

Stress on losses: Human minds are more responsive while losing something than gaining. Therefore, while sharing your idea try to focus on loses the person will suffer if not followed your thought. It is going to be the best way to persuade others.

Be the first to give: If you are at a place where you can order something then do it for them. It is a kind of gift that will help you gain points of trust. After this, you can share your ideas. It will make them think over your thoughts again.

Make them laugh: Adding fun element is always a good option to persuade. Do  not sound dull, if you are able to make someone happy then the chances of accepting your thoughts is going to increase.