The Dominance of Brain-Drain in India

The term ‘Brain –Drain’ is not new anymore. In fact it has grown to become an important issue of concern for several governments across the globe. This term defines the running away of talent from one country to another in view of superior opportunities or improved professional growth. Highly-educated individuals fly away to distant lands in search for better professional opportunities. This leads to depletion of useful and intellectual resources from their native lands. The problem of brain Drain has been hindering national growth since time immemorial. Even in the historic times, ancient conquerors used to take back with them valuable men of talent along with the treasured gold.

However, in the present time, qualified intellectuals themselves migrate to faraway lands in attraction to an improved standard of living and better employment opportunities. This worldwide phenomenon has affected the growth of numerous economies all over the world. Especially in India, this concern is quiet prevalent as the number of intellectual migrations from this country is increasing with every passing year. The Indian brain is one of the most innovative. Hence losing such precious thinkers would be an irreplaceable loss to the growth of the country. One of the most important reasons for Brain Drain is the lack of professional satisfaction. Once that is brought to the capable youth of India in their early stages, we will save our country from losing some eminent intellectual resources.