Managing Time Is As Important As Breathing

Everyone has its own interpretation of a precious asset. For some it may be gold, for others it may be water or could be environment. But one of the most valuable assets is ‘Time’. It surely is the most important thing because it makes you solve the mystery of 5w’s (What, when, where, why, who). The importance of time increase with various folds in students’ life. Those students who know how to manage time tend to get better results in future. It helps them to have a control on themselves and have time for both education and fun.

Most of us lack in managing time. Here are some tips following which the path will become a bit simple.

1. Prepare a list: It is suggested to prepare a list of tasks that you need to accomplish. It is a plan of actions that are required to achieve goals of life.
2. Prioritize: Out of the list prioritize the work. What is important should be done first. It makes the path simpler and easy.
3. Balance efforts: Once one task is completed only then step further. Do not try to be a multi-tasking person. It just creates confusions which hampers the productivity.
4. Compete yourself: It helps in increasing your abilities. A task that you do in 30 minutes can be sliced down to 20.
5. Keep a track: keeping a record gives you the clearer picture of where you started, where you reached and where is the goal.